Premium times release of “Pandora’s papers”: Problems and prospects of investigative reporting in Nigerian


  • Mwansat Satkyes Samuel Mass Communication, University of Jos / University of Jos, Nigeria


Pandora’s Papers, Investigative Journalism, Problems, Prospects, Mass Media


The practice of investigative journalism in Nigeria is dealing with a number of issues that seriously jeopardize the advantages that come with this important facet of the journalism industry. People rely on the media as watchdogs to expose errors and wrongdoings by those in authority since they are considered the fourth estate of the realm, which obliges them to monitor and report on the actions of the government. However, it is required that the media conduct in-depth research while keeping in mind the press's corporate social duty to only present true and truthful news. The Pandora Papers and the impact of a prominent online daily, Premium Times, on Nigeria's political elite are two examples of how this study explores how the paradigm shift of online journalism has impacted professional journalistic practice in Nigeria. The study used quantitative analysis, and survey research approach, the work is predicated on the press's social responsibility theory. A structured questionnaire is used to collect data from the 300 members of the Plateau State chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ). A sample of 100 journalists was randomly taken and examined. According to the study's findings, investigative journalism is done in Nigeria, albeit at a pitifully low level because of issues that plague the field. With the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill becoming law in 2011, there are more opportunities for its application. The article therefore urges media outlets to take a proactive approach to investigative journalism. To advance the field of investigative journalism in Nigeria, journalists should participate in events like symposia and seminars.


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Samuel, M. S. . (2022). Premium times release of “Pandora’s papers”: Problems and prospects of investigative reporting in Nigerian. International Conference on Emerging Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, 157–166.