Environmental change as an instrument of political instability: The case of African countries



  • Frank Odimegwu Department of International Relations, North-West University Mafikeng, South Africa.


Environmental change, Political unsteadiness, African nations, Struggle, Impacts


Environmental change is a main consideration encompassing numerous perplexing philanthropic emergency and developing political and wellbeing worldwide difficulties, with Africa perceived as one of the most weak problem area districts to the damming results of environmental change. Nations in Africa are especially presented to the outcomes of environmental change. Environment disparity exists; regardless of Africa contributing relatively little to the anthropogenic reasons for climatic change, people living in this landmass face the most exceedingly terrible unfriendly impacts. The reason for this study is to look at the causes and association between environmental change and political unsteadiness in the African states. To this degree, it explored where and how environmental change presents dangers to solidness in Africa. For exact investigation, temperature and precipitation information addressing environmental change, political shakiness and struggle information are utilized. According to discoveries, there is a causal relationship from environmental change to struggle and political precariousness in African states. Consequently, observational outcomes support the presumption that environmental change goes about as a danger multiplier in African nations since it sets off, speeds up and develops the ongoing hazards.


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Odimegwu, F. . (2022). Environmental change as an instrument of political instability: The case of African countries. International Conference on Emerging Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, 135–146. https://doi.org/10.57040/icetis.vi.37