Challenges faced in online education & learning in Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic


  • Zohaib Hassan Sain Faculty of Business & Management Sciences, Superior University, Pakistan.


COVID-19 Pandemic, Online education & learning, Online teaching & learning challenges, Pakistan


This study was required to analyze the challenges/issues teachers and students encountered in the online education & learning process as it was being carried out in Pakistan during the Covid-19 pandemic. The social, economic, and political systems around the world have all experienced COVID-19 as nightmarish. In Pakistan, one of the most damaged sectors is thought to be education. The collection countries like Pakistan were most adversely affected and ss a result they lacked the mandatory technology for online learning for any purpose throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas developed countries have already created the transition from ancient room settings to online learning environments. There have been several difficulties in getting teachers and students to adopt new technology. In this study, closed-ended questionnaires were used in a mixed-method research design. To improve data collection and analysis, the researcher issued questionnaires to students, teachers, and the management in addition to conducting management interviews. This study provides guidance to Pakistani online instructors on how to deal with challenges. The results show a negative attitude toward faculty members using online learning environments for teaching and learning. The difficulties faced by faculty members prevented them from providing effective teaching and learning. Faculty members also needed extensive expertise in teaching online and were not provided the right training to deal with the technical difficulties. By examining experiences and challenges faculty members have with online education and learning, this study will help educators discover relevant solutions and proposals to improve the quality of online teaching in Pakistan.


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Sain, Z. H. . . (2022). Challenges faced in online education & learning in Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic. International Conference on Emerging Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, 75–81.