A systematic review on the evaluation of health information system



  • Nomabhongo Masana Department of Information Technology, Central University of Technology (FS), South Africa.     


Evaluation, Health Information Systems, Health, HOT-Fit


South Africa and other African countries have attempted to implement EHR systems, however, they have not been successful. With technological advance in 4IR, cloud computing has led to notable products in the healthcare industry and plays a remarkable role in maintaining healthcare integration. This provides an opportunity to have a cloud based EHR system which integrates the scattered HISs in South Africa. However, before we can be able to successfully implement a cloud EHR system, we need to understand the current HISs used by evaluating them. The purpose of the paper is to provide HOT-fit factors/dimensions related to HIS evaluation by conducting a systematic review of studies that evaluated HISs in health. The study followed a systematic review approach as guded by the PRISMA(2020) recommendations. From 80 articles collected, 17 were included in the study. Results of the study showed that system quality, information quality and service quality impacts user satisfaction, system use and organizational structure. User satisfaction influenced system and net benefits, while organization structure influenced organization environment, and organization environment influence system use and net benefits. All the HOT-fit factors are deemed suitable and should be included for HIS evaluation. It is recommended that thorough evaluations of HIS be conducted in South Africa to increase the success of HIS implementation.


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Masana, N. . . (2022). A systematic review on the evaluation of health information system. International Conference on Emerging Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, 46–54. https://doi.org/10.57040/icetis.vi.29