Modification and testing of an automated grain beverages processing machine


  • Ibrahim Mohammed Gana Department of Agricultural & Bioenvironmental Engineering, The Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.
  • Agidi Gbabo Department of Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering, Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.


Automated, Conveyor, Drink, Grain, Modification


Grain beverages such as kunu, ogi, and soya milk are becoming more popular due to their numerous socio-economic and health benefits. Presently, in most developing countries, food is mostly processed locally. This method exposes the product to contamination as a result of the equipment used and also human interaction with the product. A grain beverage processing machine that blends soaked grains, mixes the slurry, extracts the aqueous liquid and expels the paste has been developed. The machine was observed to have some shortcomings, such as; high-power requirements; sudden stopping while in operation due to power sag; and lower output. The main objectives of this research were to modify the developed machine by redesigning the centrifugal basket, adding a conveyor, and installing a heating unit. The tests' findings showed that the conveyor's throughput capacity was 65 kg/h, and the machine's efficiency was 99.7%. The integrated unit can now process 500 liters of concentrated milk per day at a throughput capacity of 9.95 liters per minute, up from 8.46 liters. In addition to lowering excessive water use, nutrient losses, contamination, and the beverage production time-cycle, this change enables the production of high-quality, hygienic grain drinks. The new innovation is a locally developed technology that has the potential to promote entrepreneurship, advance business, and ensure long-term national development. This new technology should be adopted by the government, and it should participate in its commercialization.


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Gana, I. M. ., & Gbabo, A. . (2022). Modification and testing of an automated grain beverages processing machine. International Conference on Emerging Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, 30–41.